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    Edvard Grieg - Solveig’s Song

    Norwegian composer. Music for the play, Peer Gynt

    Been familiar with this melody from its use in Kamelot (Forever) and Týr (Valkyrjan).

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    ICS Vortex

    Storm Seeker (2011) - Storm Seeker

    So I recently found out about Vortex’s solo album!

    ICS Vortex is a Norwegian musician typically known for his roles in Black Metal bands such as Dimmu Borgir, Borknagar, and Arcturus. His name is actually a parody off one of Garm’s (Ulver) many aliases, Fiery G. Maelstrom. He is a very talented vocalist, able to hit a wide range of notes with a somewhat unique and distinct ghostly sounding voice. Until recently, he’s been the bassist and backing vocals for Dimmu but for whatever reason, he was kicked from the group. As a result, he decided him to pick up his former projects in Borknagar and Arcturus. Arcturus, being a personal favorite of mine, almost convinced me to up and leave for Norway (somehow?) in April for their show at the Inferno Metal Festival. If you’re curious, a great display of Vortex’s vocal range and capabilities in Arcturus can be heard in the song ‘The Chaos Path’.

    Anyway, when I found this album, I didn’t really know what to expect. While I respect Vortex as a vocalist, Dimmu Borgir and Borknagar never truly caught my interest. However, since I haven’t really been able to stop listening to the album ‘Storm Seeker’, I can say that it’s easily one of my tops (since my Nightwish & Devin Townsend phases months earlier).

    The album is a progressive rock/metal mix, and offers a very distinct sound (Thanks mostly to Vortex’s unique voice). The lyrics are a huge part of my enjoyment of this album, often sounding somewhat poetic and metaphorical. I really do encourage anyone listening to this album to read the lyrics for a complete appreciation. Each song sounds distinct from the rest, which is more than I can say for many of the albums I’ve listened to recently. I can see this kind of music not being everyone’s taste, but it’s worth at least a listen. I linked the title song ‘Storm Seeker’ because it’s probably the easiest to get into for someone not into the whole Norwegian metal thing. 

    It’s hard to single out any songs to recommend since there are few weak points in the album, but I was introduced to ‘Skoal !’ (Skål - Cheers) first, and that’s what hooked me in. I love the lyrics for both ‘Odin’s Tree’ and ‘Dogsmacked’, and ‘Flaskeskipper’ is actually in Norwegian (which is a bonus for me). But really, the whole album is solid. Listen to it!

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    Star One

    Victims of the Modern Age (2010) - Victim of the Modern Age

    Haven’t really listened to anything new recently. However, I was listening to a lot of Star One a few weeks back. 

    Star One is a side project of Arjen Lucassen; the same Arjen Lucassen of Ayreon’s rock operas. While not being a rock opera, this Star One album still follows a theme. Instead of a constantly progressing story, each track is themed around a movie or a TV series (Anything from Matrix, to Planet of the Apes, to Firefly). I use the word “theme” loosely, as I don’t feel any of the tracks capture anything, besides lyrics, from their inspirations musically. 

    That being said, the album is still a fun listen. It has a somewhat typical Ayreon feel, which I find draws me in more than anything. The lyrics are of course, cheesy, but that’s not necessarily a problem. Other good songs include ‘Human See, Human Do’ (Planet of the Apes), and ‘Earth That Was’.

    This song is based off a quote from “A Clockwork Orange”.

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    Forever Abomination (2011) - The Horrifying Force (the Desire to Kill)

    This album got decent reviews so I thought I’d check it out. It’s not typical Black metal, but what seems to be dubbed “Black Thrash”. Honestly, I don’t listen to much thrash at all so I wouldn’t have known otherwise. What it sounds like, is just a very melodic black metal.  The only real blackened parts seem to be the vocals and a few select songs. 

    I can’t say I’m a huge fan of this entire album, but it has its moments. This song along with ‘Of Ash and Torment’ are probably my favorites.

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    Freedom Call

    Dimensions (2007) - Mr Evil

    Some traditional cheesy German Power Metal. Just look at that fucking wizard! I can’t stop listening to this. The lyrics are pretty standard as far as power metal goes, but the instrumentation is just grand. 

    I chose this because it’s the most ridiculous of the bunch. Most of the album is pretty good, with distinct melodies that don’t get too repetitive. Also check out ‘Light up the Sky’, ‘Dimensions’, and ‘Far Away’.

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    Red Harvest

    Cold Dark Matter (2000) - Last Call

    Another Norwegian band, Red Harvest. I haven’t listened to any industrial metal for a while, but I’m really impressed with these guys. This song almost has an ominous, end -of-the-world feel to it. After listening to the album, I tend to like the more industrial influenced songs over the typical metal style. Pretty good listen regardless.

    Oh, and they have a song called “Weltschmertz” on their album “Sick Transit Gloria Mundi”!

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    I seemed to have missed a new Ulver album last year…


    'Wars of the Roses' (2011) - February MMX

    Ulver has a very experimental sound that’s been constantly evolving since the early 90’s. Kristoffer Rygg (a.k.a ‘Garm’, vocals/producer) has been the mind behind the band ever since its beginnings in Black Metal, as well as its more recent turn into a more experimental electronic sound. Garm has also been a key member in other amazing bands, including Arcturus and Borknagar.

    Overall, the album is solid, but gets a tad dull in the middle. Not that it’s bad, just more ambient. It’s kind of hard for me to actively listen to ambient stuff sometimes… If you liked ‘February MMX’, I’d also recommend checking out the song ‘Stone Angels’. As for further listening beyond this album, ‘Perdition City’ is solid.

    Oh, and they’re Norwegian (Ulver means ‘wolves’). That makes them good automatically, right?

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    I guess it’s officially Summer now.

    Потап и Настя Каменских - Лето (Summer)

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~1990 — June 20, 2011


    ~1990 — June 20, 2011

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    I am now convinced @ll of that propaganda with cats knocking over the garbage to frame the dog is true. Clever fucks.

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